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June 2014
Bradmer Foods is pleased to announce its partnership with the California Certified Organic Farmers ("CCOF") Foundation, the UNFI Foundation, Driscoll's, Organic Valley and the National Cooperative Grocers Association in forming the $70,000 Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund. This fund will provide direct financial support to future organic farmers and agricultural professionals via three grant programs.

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November 2013
Bradmer Foods is pleased to announce the addition of industry veteran, Dan Krause, as Managing Director. Dan will assume the day-to-day responsibilities of Bradmer Foods and spearhead the firm's efforts to consult in the natural and specialty industry. Dan is a former General Mills and McCormick executive with over twenty years of experience in both traditional grocery and specialty.

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November 2012
Adam Borden, Managing Director of Bradmer Foods, presents several alternative natural sweeteners gaining popularity in the marketplace. Appearing on  WYPR’s Radio Kitchen with Al Spoler and Jerry Pellegrino, Adam discusses the many new discoveries he made at the 2012 Summer Fancy Food Show and the Natural Product Expo. Among those discoveries were honeys specially designed to accompany cheese, tea or grilled foods from Savannah Bee, Tonewood Maple’s Maple Flakes, Villa de Patos’ Maguey Sweet Sap, Coconut Palm Nectar from Big Tree Farms and Cumberland’s Stevia in the Raw.


May 2012
Adam Borden, Managing Director of Bradmer Foods, discusses new desserts that appeal to a more sophisticated adult palate. Appearing on WYPR’s Radio Kitchen with Al Spoler and Jerry Pellegrino, Adam samples unique creations from three companies: Single Malt Whisky Gelato Bars by Gelateria Naia, Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and Sel Gris Caramel Sauce from CC Made.


March 2012
Adam Borden moderated a panel discussion titled “The Ingredients for an Investor-Worthy Food Business” at the 2012 IACP Annual Conference. Adam and his co-presenter, Lisa Donoughe of Watershed Communications, profiled eight emerging companies with diverse products and sales channels and discussed some of the ingredients for making those companies investor-worthy.

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January 2012
Bradmer Foods is pleased to announce an equity investment in Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company, a leading Mid-Atlantic coffee roaster based in Crofton, MD. CBRC is Bradmer Foods’ sixth portfolio investment.

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